General information

The Grant Agency Academia Aurea (GA AA) is an independent grant agency based in the Czech Republic, whose mission is to support scientific research. Within the announced calls, it finances scientific projects of basic and applied research in selected scientific areas. It is governed by the Statute of the Grant Agency. GA AA decides on the allocation of special-purpose and institutional resources, both from private, departmental, and public sources.

Supported research areas in 2017-2021:

  • Economics and Management
  • Economics and Business
  • Law
  • Mass media
  • Marketing communications
  • Security and criminological studies
  • Informatics
  • Psychology
  • International Territorial Studies
  • Economics and management in transport and communications
  • Logistics and crisis management
  • Human Resources

The Grant Agency Academia Aurea has the following basic goals:

  • To finance basic and applied research projects with high potential for applying results in practice.
  • To support the development of international scientific cooperation in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, and Hungary in basic and applied research.
  • Link the needs of business entities with the scientific teams in relevant research areas.
  • Contribute to creating attractive conditions for the career path of young scientists.
  • Ensure that the resources entrusted are used as efficiently as possible for scientific research in assisted areas.

The governing and conceptual body of the GA is the GA Scientific Council (hereinafter referred to as the GA Council) proposed by a number of prominent academics and scientific staff or significant experts from practice. Council members are appointed by the Board of Directors of the Entrepreneurship Endowment Fund for Prosperity. The GA Council is led by its Chairman. The term of the GA Council membership is four years. Membership of the GA Council expires upon the expiry of the term of office, the resignation of a member, termination of employment, or withdrawal for other reasons.

Administrative and technical matters are the responsibility of the GA Secretary.

The GA Council announces a grant scheme including the specification of the focus for the given year, sets the deadlines for grant applications, determines opponents for the assessment of grant applications from the members of the Scientific Committees and external experts in the given scientific field, prepares and approves the list of grant applications recommended for funding. Evaluation of the Branch Committee assesses the quality of the project and the annual report on its progress. The deadline for checking the quality of solutions for individual projects and the preparation of the annual report on the activities of the GA Council is 15 February of the current calendar year following the year of implementation of the project.

The list of the members of the Council is available here.

Scientific Committees are permanent expert advisory bodies of the GA Council. Their main task is to evaluate the proposals of grant projects and evaluate the solutions of the awarded projects. Field Scientific Committees consist of experts in the field. Scientific Committees members are appointed and recalled by the GA Council.

The Grant Agency Academia Aurea has Scientific Committees for the following scientific fields:

  • Social Sciences
  • Legal sciences
  • Multidisciplinary sciences

The list of the members of the Scientific Committees is available here.

Our contacts are available here.